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Information On Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

Becoming a pharmacy technician is very competitive nowadays. Pharmacy technicians are in high demand and are a vital member of the health care industry. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, hospitals, and dispensaries and aid the pharmacist in preparing and packaging medication. Becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not usually mandatory, but will allow greater job stability and motility. Pharmacy technicians have very flexible hours and usually work as long as the dispensary is open. Becoming a pharmacy technician will allow you to work part time or full time depending on your flexibility. Pharmacy technicians enjoy a very competitive salary. Like most health care professionals, pharmacy technicians will earn a very reasonable salary. This high pay is part of the reason becoming a pharmacy technician is so popular and competitive.


Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy Technicians will usually receive most of their training on the job. Each job requires different training depending on the location and duties needed to be fulfilled. Having knowledge about drug names and brands is highly recommended. This type of knowledge can be gained quickly by attending and certified pharmacy technician training course. One of the more difficult challenges in the job is dealing with insurance claims and billing. Pharmacy technicians will spend a lot of time billing medications to insurance companies for pharmacists. This type of knowledge is usually gained through hands on experience since insurances vary from state to state. This knowledge and experience required is what usually leads to a good paying pharmacy technician salary.

How Much A Pharmacy Technician Makes

Most pharmacy technicians can expect to make between 15-20$ and hour depending on their location. Certified pharmacy technicians earn the most. Pharmacy technicians that work in a hospital setting usually earn more than those that work in retail. Overtime and holiday hours also contribute to a pharmacy technician’s high salary.

Length Of Time Required

It usually does not take too long to become a certified technician. Some people will manage to complete the pharmacy technician course in a few months. Others may take up to a few years. You can work at whatever pace you feel comfortable. This is one of the huge benefits of becoming a pharmacy technician. The salary is great also. Those who live a busy lifestyle or are currently employed could take the training course online.


Becoming a pharmacy technician is easy and affordable. It could change your entire life. If you always wanted to be a part of the medical field but didn’t have the funds or knowledge to put yourself through college then this is your chance. Becoming a pharmacy technician will allow you great job flexibility and full benefits. The job carries very little stress and the environment is friendly and enjoyable to work in. For more information on becoming a pharmacy technician feel free to browse the blog. It will be updated often with the latest information.